Rolling Over

Dear Addy,

Hello baby!


While you were lying down on the bed yesterday morning, I noticed that you managed to turn to your side. I told you ‘very good Addy!’ like I always say whenever you do something good. I also thought, ‘Wow, my darling daughter is strong! For sure, she will roll over soon.’ I didn’t think though that it will happen on the same day.

Yes, to my surprise you rolled over yesterday afternoon and you are only 3 months and ten days!


I didn’t expect it so soon because your sister did it when she was more than 5 months old. Though I know that all babies do not develop at the same time, I still didn’t expect it.

Of course, I was so happy and proud of you. When I told your daddy about it and even showed him, he was also delighted.

After your first roll over, you were unstoppable. You kept doing it. When you get tired, you cry and that’s a signal for me to help you lie down on your back again.

Stay strong baby. Keep surprising me and daddy and grow up soon so that you can play with your sister who loves to shower you with kisses everyday. We all love you very much baby.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

These photos remind me of my happy moments…

Happiness is …

– enjoying the view of the endless blue ocean,

– watching the sunrise,

– a sweet smile from my baby,

– being with my family,

– having flowers around me and the list goes on..and on.. and on..

God is good and life is great no matter what. Be thankful. Be happy!

Happy 11 month Abby!

Happy eleven month to you my precious baby!!

I pray that God will continuously bless you with good health and that  you will grow up to be smart and a good kid.

I love you and I will always tell you so. I am looking forward to hear you say “I love you too mommy!”. I wish to hear it as soon as tomorrow but I must be realistic, right?

Watching you crawl, sit, stand, play, make noises, smile, giggle, eat, clap your hands and everything else that you do is such a delight. I know that all babies do these things, yet when you do them, I am still amazed and I am so proud of you.

You used to enjoy sitting on my lap  but not anymore. You want to explore and touch everything that your cute little hands can reach. You love to walk while holding on to the furnitures instead of using your walker. You can even stand on your own without any help and though you always fall just after few minutes, you still keep on standing up (sometimes you can even walk a few steps without holding on to something). I can see that you don’t give up easily and this is a good attitude my dear child. So keep it up.

Stay strong and beautiful my baby. I love you so much and so does your daddy.

Hugs and kisses,


Weekly Image of Life : Happiness

For me, happiness is being with my family doing things together such as watching the sunrise at the beach. I don’t need to go anywhere else to be happy. We can even stay at home all day and I am still happy. I am happy when they are happy.

Abby, our little bundle of joy keeps us smiling and happy all day. Watching her grow and progress is an enjoyable and amazing experience. Taking care of her is a big responsibility but her mere presence in our lives gives us a sense of deep happiness.

Other meaning/sources of my happiness are the ff:

Happiness is hearing good news from my parents, siblings, in-laws and all other relatives whom I am close with. Knowing that they are all healthy makes me happy.

Happiness is doing the things that I like such as cooking, sewing, reading, writing, etc.

Happiness is having peace in my life and in my surroundings.

Happiness is helping others in my own ways.

Happiness is being content and thankful for all the blessings that I have.

But the greatest source of my happiness is God.

How about you, what makes you happy?

Island Traveler is the author and moderator of this challenge. Check out his blog – This Man’s Journey to see his entry and the other participants. Thanks IT for the inspiration!

You’re My Angel

Dear Abby,

You are my angel…

Adorable baby of mine

Never will I leave your side

God loves you as much as I do

Echoes of your giggles and laughter

Linger in my heart and mind.

Happy 7 month baby!

Mommy and daddy loves you so much – don’t ever forget that!


Abby First Before Anything Else

As Abby is growing taller, her voice and cries are becoming louder too. Her dada even teases and calls her ‘loud speaker‘. We both end up laughing when he says this while Abby (not knowing that we are teasing her) smiles nicely too. My cutie Abby.

Furthermore, Abby is demanding more of my attention and my time lately. She cries if she doesn’t see me around. Her musical toys can keep her occupied for some time but not for long. During day time, she sleeps in short periods of time. Gone are the days when all she does are eat and sleep, eat and sleep on and on and on.

Hence, sometimes the household chores are piling up despite all my efforts. I am a very patient person, I really am! However, I lost my patience and calmness yesterday. I am a bad mom in thoughts! Imagine, I got annoyed when Abby cried just because I was busy at the kitchen. I reprimanded myself immediately after feeling that way. I asked myself “who/what is more important – Abby or household chores?” Of course, you all know what my answer was. And that’s the story behind the title of this post. I should never get annoyed or feel disturbed while busy doing house chores when Abby demands my attention. She is my priority. House chores can wait.

Actually, the origin of “Abby first before anything elsemotto is from my mother’s “Stomach first before anything else” motto. It has nothing to do with me as a baby though. It’s all about filling your empty stomach first before doing any household chores. Great motto, right? It does make sense, eat first so you avoid ulcer plus you have the energy to do the chores.

I already whispered sorry to Abby (and lots of hugs) but I want to say it again, sorry baby! I am not annoyed at you, I got annoyed with your cries but still I shouldn’t because you’re my baby. I know you’re a good girl. I know that soon you will understand and behave when I asked you to. I love you baby.

Rolling Over

Dearest Abby,

Hi baby!

Yesterday you mastered the art of rolling over and lying down on your tummy. I was in the kitchen when you did it the first time. You were sleeping peacefully when I left and when I came back you are already on your belly. You can’t imagine how happy I was but you smiled sweetly when I clapped and cheered you on. I was so proud of you and you seemed proud of yourself too.

I know you will do it again (and you did!) and as much as I wanted to capture it on video, I was too amazed watching you to remember what I planned to do. Don’t you worry though because I will capture it for sure sooner or later.

I also noticed yesterday that when I am talking to you, your were staring at me as if you were listening intently to what I am saying. What’s more amazing is that you responded in your baby language when I asked if you understood what I am trying to say. Of course, there is no way to find out if you were really listening but I wanted to believe that you really did.

Oh baby I wanted to write and tell you so many things about your progress but now that I am on it, I can’t seem to find the right words so I think I have to stop now and write you again some other time. Until next time then.



Don’t cry my baby….

Don’t cry my baby
It’s just a bad dream
Mommy is right here
There is nothing to fear
Wake up my baby
And feel mommy’s warm embrace
Smile now my baby
There is nothing to fear
Mommy is right here
Let’s talk and play a while
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s this pretty girl staring at me
Big, round wondering beautiful eyes
Now smiling sweetly
And giggling too

How lovely to see you like this
Oh my baby give me a kiss
Thank God, I have you
Now I am smiling too.

Talkative Abby

Hello baby,

Two nights ago you found a new way to communicate with me and your dada – screaming! You scream, scream and scream on top of your voice. So far none of our neighbors complained. I guess they understand.

You’ve been talkative lately in your own baby language. You sound cute and funny. Your dada and I can’t stop smiling when you talk either to us or to yourself. We tell each other that we must talk to you in an adult way so you will speak clearly when you really start talking but most of the time – we end up talking like you do. See how you influence us?

Nonetheless you never stop giving us joy and we appreciate you…

whether you’re sleeping…

or awake smiling…

or even fussy…

or seriously cute..

You will always be our little angel.

Our precious bundle of joy.

We love you so much!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Celebration

newborn baby

Whenever a baby is born, there is always a celebration. It is a joyful and wonderful event in every parent’s life. A great news shared with relatives and friends.