Don’t cry my baby….

Don’t cry my baby
It’s just a bad dream
Mommy is right here
There is nothing to fear
Wake up my baby
And feel mommy’s warm embrace
Smile now my baby
There is nothing to fear
Mommy is right here
Let’s talk and play a while
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s this pretty girl staring at me
Big, round wondering beautiful eyes
Now smiling sweetly
And giggling too

How lovely to see you like this
Oh my baby give me a kiss
Thank God, I have you
Now I am smiling too.

17 thoughts on “Don’t cry my baby….

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  3. Lucky baby, she will surely treasure this piece of yours when she’s all grown up. She’s very cute in the second picture, must have given you so much joy… 🙂


    • I hope so, don’t even know what to call this (it’s not a poem) first part is more of a lullaby I sing to her whenever I see her crying while asleep and staring at the mirror is one of the things we do to to make her smile. Thanks aRVee 🙂


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