Dear Addy #3

Dear Addy,

Hello baby! You know at this moment while I’m writing this letter to you, you are sleeping nicely while you’re sister is playing next to me.

I wanted to write you at least once a month but I was too busy taking care of you and your sister (and our home too) that’s why I keep putting it off but today I told myself that I must write to you.

Days are flying by so fast and you are growing so fast too but I notice everything.

I noticed that your voice is becoming louder every day.

I noticed that you started communicating before you turn two months old (which was last month), you would smile, stick your tongue out, and try to talk whenever I am talking to you. I wonder what you were trying to say?

I noticed that 3 days ago, you started to lift your head while I was applying oil and massaging your back.

I noticed that you are well-behaved and not ‘crysome’. You usually soothe yourself by sucking your fingers and only cry when you want to be changed or when you are hungry.

And I am aware that in two days, you will be 3 months old. So I want to greet you now, advance happy 3 months baby! Mommy is so proud of you. I love you very much. Stay healthy and strong.

I have to stop now because your sister won’t let me continue. Grow up soon so you two can play together. I hope to write you again next month. Bye for now.

Love and kisses,



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