Two and Half

Dear Abby,

Hello baby! Yes, you will always be my baby no matter how old you are. OK?

Your two and a half-year old self is busy with the crayons while I am writing this to you. Nope, you are not busy coloring but you are busily inserting the crayons in a green colored bottle which I emptied a little while ago. It’s not surprising at all, you do this thing all the time – putting your toys or things in any container then removing it, afterwards you put it back, then you remove it again, and the cycle goes on until you get distracted with something else.

You do coloring sometimes but you can’t do it properly yet. I’m still happy though because you try to do it.  I always show you how to do it correctly but you want to do it your way. I am sad sometimes because you don’t listen to me like you used to and that was before you turned two. It’s not your fault though, I blame your age.

I’m not worried because I know that this is just a phase, you will change and behave as you grow older.

If there’s one thing that worries me, it’s your behavior when you get annoyed with Addy. You tend to hit her when she tries to grab your toy or anything that you think is yours. Daddy and I always tell you that you should treat her gently and share the toys to her but to no avail.

Thankfully, you don’t hit her hard. Unfortunately, I can’t leave you two alone. Hopefully soon, you’ll be a gentle ‘ate’ (older sister) to Addy. I know you will, I just don’t know when. Perhaps when you turn three?

Of course, you are not bad. You misbehave sometimes but oftentimes you are a good and sweet girl. Though you make Addy cry, you also know how to make her laugh.

Also, though you are not yet good at coloring and writing ,your memory is good. You know many nursery song already including the alphabet song. You can even recite the numbers 1- 20. You can also name the basic colors and shapes. You are a smart kid and I don’t need to tell you whom you inherited such trait, right?

Oh have I mention that when we scold you, you know how to divert our attention? Yes, you are so good at that. It’s either you would ask a question about something or kiss and hug us. Very clever huh?

What else? hmmnnn…I have to end it here for now. I will write you again when I can. Stay strong and healthy. I love you baby!

Hugs and kisses,


Happy 20th month Abby!

Dear baby,

Hello little one! Since today is your special day, I made a list of the things I love about you and here they are..


  1.  I love it when you remind me to pray – hands clasped together, you say “Mommy, pray pray!” before we sleep and before we eat our meals.
  2. I love it when you kiss me because I am quiet and you seem to think I need comforting.
  3. I also love it when you hug me without me asking you to do it.
  4. I love it when you pick up bits of paper or food wrapper lying on the floor and put it in the garbage bin. I was amazed when you did it the first time without me or daddy telling you to do so and when we tell you “very good!” , your smile is up to your ears
  5. I was so proud of you when one day while daddy was preparing to go to the office, you opened the drawer where his socks are being kept – pull one pair and gave it to him. We didn’t teach you this either but I guess you learned it thru observation. We always tell you, you are smart and you loved  hearing it.
  6. I love that you love animals.
  7. I love it when you call me “mommy,mommy,mommy!” or your daddy “daddy,daddy,daddy!”.
  8. I am so happy that you enjoy your books though you can’t read yet, you have a good memory and you can identify the pictures on your books.
  9. I love that you can play alone.
  10. I love that you want to eat on your own.
Abby and the friendly cat at the park

Abby and the friendly cat at the park

There are many other things that I love about you but for now this list is enough…

Stay strong and healthy my precious baby. Mommy and daddy loves you very much!


Hugs and kisses,




Abby’s 1st Birthday

Dear darling Abby,

You turned one last Saturday and we had a party at home. Your dad’s friends and mine came and celebrated with us including their children. We all had fun. I hope you did too.

However during the party, you didn’t like being held by someone else except me or your dada. You would scream and cry when someone else try to hold or carry you. I know you are just shy and a little scared so I held you most of the time. Then you were fine. You smiled at our guests as long as they keep their hands off you.

Your dada and I helped you blow the candle on your cake. You were trying to touch it instead of blowing it.

We were told to give you a little piece of the cake as a sign of love. I gave you first and then your dad gave you another. You ate both pieces without a fuss. Fortunately you had a sweet tooth like me.

Your birthday party is not just in celebration of your birth but also in celebration of your baptism, and of course it is also a thanksgiving celebration – for having you in our lives, for your good health all year through, and for all the blessings that the good Lord had showered on our family since you were born. It was a wonderful celebration shared with our friends.

Happy birthday again my darling Abby. I love you and so does your dada. May God bless you always. Keep on smiling little one.





Abby is a Free Spirit

Abby’s curiosity is unstoppable nowadays. She doesn’t like being held anymore like she used to. She wants to be left alone so she can roam around freely. Her dada calls her ‘free spirit’. Below is a poem I created inspired by her nickname.

Free Spirit

I am a free spirit

So let me be

Free to do what I want

And be happy as a bee

Flying here and there

Roaming everywhere

Let me crawl

And play on the floor

Let me stand and walk

Right through that door

Let me climb on the ‘diwaniya’

And tap the wall

If I fall

Don’t panic or scream

I can bear a little bump

I am strong

Besides my guardian angel

Will surely catch me

Before I hit the floor

So relax mommy

And let me be

A free spirit

Just like my daddy calls me.

Happy 11 month Abby!

Happy eleven month to you my precious baby!!

I pray that God will continuously bless you with good health and that  you will grow up to be smart and a good kid.

I love you and I will always tell you so. I am looking forward to hear you say “I love you too mommy!”. I wish to hear it as soon as tomorrow but I must be realistic, right?

Watching you crawl, sit, stand, play, make noises, smile, giggle, eat, clap your hands and everything else that you do is such a delight. I know that all babies do these things, yet when you do them, I am still amazed and I am so proud of you.

You used to enjoy sitting on my lap  but not anymore. You want to explore and touch everything that your cute little hands can reach. You love to walk while holding on to the furnitures instead of using your walker. You can even stand on your own without any help and though you always fall just after few minutes, you still keep on standing up (sometimes you can even walk a few steps without holding on to something). I can see that you don’t give up easily and this is a good attitude my dear child. So keep it up.

Stay strong and beautiful my baby. I love you so much and so does your daddy.

Hugs and kisses,


8 Month Abby

Dear baby,

It was around 3 hours, 45 minutes and 8 months ago when I first saw you. You were gorgeous even then. The joy that I am feeling is still the same from the day I first held you in my arms and it will be the same forever.

Time flew so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday when you were still so tiny and fragile. Now look at you, growing strong day by day and is acting like an adult at times such as when you cover your eyes with your arms while sleeping (but I always move your arms on your side). You also grunt like an adult. You love to eat oranges and won’t stay quiet once you see me eating one. Sometimes, I am worried that it might be too acidic for you but you don’t vomit nor have diarrhea so your Dada says I must let you eat some and that I shouldn’t be a chicken-hearted because you’re a strong baby. He says you got that from him – being strong and all other good things as if my genes are not good. Of course, we end up arguing…. and laughing.

The other things that you can do lately are crawling and sitting on your own. You can stand for few minutes as long as you are holding on to something. You can’t walk yet unless you’re on the walker. While on walker, you would follow me around.It’s not only your feet that are wandering these days but your hands are exploring as well – grabbing everything and anything your tiny hands can reach.

Your smile is as sweet and lovely as before. Your eyes are smiling sweetly too. You are so  easy to please, you would smile when you see me smile but what I love the most is that you would make me smile when I look serious and is frowning. You would stare at me as if trying to figure out what I am thinking and then smile sweetly at me as if you are telling me “C’mon Mom, frown not for life is beautiful. See, the sun is shining brightly! There is hope, God is in control. Give all your worries to him!” Then I usually end up hugging you. Well, I am not certain that’s what you’re thinking but that’s how I interpret it.

Anyways, mommy is just here to say happy 8 month darling daughter!!!  I love you and so does Dada. Stay strong, happy, and healthy. God bless you.

Hugs and kisses,


You’re My Angel

Dear Abby,

You are my angel…

Adorable baby of mine

Never will I leave your side

God loves you as much as I do

Echoes of your giggles and laughter

Linger in my heart and mind.

Happy 7 month baby!

Mommy and daddy loves you so much – don’t ever forget that!


Half-Year Old

Dear Baby,

We are so happy you turned half-year old today. You looked so happy yourself when you woke up this morning. Actually, we’ve been counting since last week. We just couldn’t wait for today to arrive.

We even went to church yesterday instead of today just in case dada gets busy and can’t come home on time. We just want to thank God how blessed we are to have you and how grateful we are that you are healthy all these time. We also prayed that God will continually keep you healthy and safe.

You were well-behaved while at the church. Thank God you didn’t grunt as you usually do at home when you dislike something. You were contented looking around while sitting or standing up jumping on dada’s lap. You seemed to enjoy seeing other people which is a good thing because it means you are not shy or scared.

in front of the church

With regards to your grunting, neither I nor your Dada taught you that. However, Dada remembered that when you were still inside my tummy, I used to grunt when I get irritated. Dada thinks you inherited it from me. Although you sound funny, we kept on telling you not to grunt but to no avail. I am positive though that this will not be a permanent habit of yours.

Stay happy and healthy. Keep on learning new things such as talking properly and we hope to hear you say ‘mommy and daddy’ soon. We look forward to celebrating your 7 month. We love you baby. God bless you.

Happy 6 months Abby!


Mommy & Daddy

Rolling Over

Dearest Abby,

Hi baby!

Yesterday you mastered the art of rolling over and lying down on your tummy. I was in the kitchen when you did it the first time. You were sleeping peacefully when I left and when I came back you are already on your belly. You can’t imagine how happy I was but you smiled sweetly when I clapped and cheered you on. I was so proud of you and you seemed proud of yourself too.

I know you will do it again (and you did!) and as much as I wanted to capture it on video, I was too amazed watching you to remember what I planned to do. Don’t you worry though because I will capture it for sure sooner or later.

I also noticed yesterday that when I am talking to you, your were staring at me as if you were listening intently to what I am saying. What’s more amazing is that you responded in your baby language when I asked if you understood what I am trying to say. Of course, there is no way to find out if you were really listening but I wanted to believe that you really did.

Oh baby I wanted to write and tell you so many things about your progress but now that I am on it, I can’t seem to find the right words so I think I have to stop now and write you again some other time. Until next time then.



Happy 5 months Abby!

Happy 5 months Abby!

Hello baby,

How do you feel today?

Do you even realize you’re older than yesterday?

I wonder.

But it doesn’t matter.

As long as you’re happy and healthy

I am okay.

Keep on smiling.

Let mommy kiss and hug you more than once everyday.

And stay as easy to please as you are now.

Bear in mind what mommy tells you regularly –

You are smart.

You are good.

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

Mommy and daddy will always be here for you,

and God loves you more than you’ll ever know.