Happy 11 month Abby!

Happy eleven month to you my precious baby!!

I pray that God will continuously bless you with good health and that  you will grow up to be smart and a good kid.

I love you and I will always tell you so. I am looking forward to hear you say “I love you too mommy!”. I wish to hear it as soon as tomorrow but I must be realistic, right?

Watching you crawl, sit, stand, play, make noises, smile, giggle, eat, clap your hands and everything else that you do is such a delight. I know that all babies do these things, yet when you do them, I am still amazed and I am so proud of you.

You used to enjoy sitting on my lap  but not anymore. You want to explore and touch everything that your cute little hands can reach. You love to walk while holding on to the furnitures instead of using your walker. You can even stand on your own without any help and though you always fall just after few minutes, you still keep on standing up (sometimes you can even walk a few steps without holding on to something). I can see that you don’t give up easily and this is a good attitude my dear child. So keep it up.

Stay strong and beautiful my baby. I love you so much and so does your daddy.

Hugs and kisses,



7 thoughts on “Happy 11 month Abby!

  1. Thanks for allowing us to share the moment.s, Marilou
    Abby is blessed with a wonderful momma. 🙂 How nice of you to record these words for her to read one day
    May God give you and daddy the strength and grace and whatever else you need to raise this princess to the glory of His name.


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