Abby First Before Anything Else

As Abby is growing taller, her voice and cries are becoming louder too. Her dada even teases and calls her ‘loud speaker‘. We both end up laughing when he says this while Abby (not knowing that we are teasing her) smiles nicely too. My cutie Abby.

Furthermore, Abby is demanding more of my attention and my time lately. She cries if she doesn’t see me around. Her musical toys can keep her occupied for some time but not for long. During day time, she sleeps in short periods of time. Gone are the days when all she does are eat and sleep, eat and sleep on and on and on.

Hence, sometimes the household chores are piling up despite all my efforts. I am a very patient person, I really am! However, I lost my patience and calmness yesterday. I am a bad mom in thoughts! Imagine, I got annoyed when Abby cried just because I was busy at the kitchen. I reprimanded myself immediately after feeling that way. I asked myself “who/what is more important – Abby or household chores?” Of course, you all know what my answer was. And that’s the story behind the title of this post. I should never get annoyed or feel disturbed while busy doing house chores when Abby demands my attention. She is my priority. House chores can wait.

Actually, the origin of “Abby first before anything elsemotto is from my mother’s “Stomach first before anything else” motto. It has nothing to do with me as a baby though. It’s all about filling your empty stomach first before doing any household chores. Great motto, right? It does make sense, eat first so you avoid ulcer plus you have the energy to do the chores.

I already whispered sorry to Abby (and lots of hugs) but I want to say it again, sorry baby! I am not annoyed at you, I got annoyed with your cries but still I shouldn’t because you’re my baby. I know you’re a good girl. I know that soon you will understand and behave when I asked you to. I love you baby.


15 thoughts on “Abby First Before Anything Else

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  3. I remember when my son was 5 months old. His smile was the sweetest one I’ve ever seen. As a parent I can relate to the happiness that babies bring. Enjoy and cherish each moment. Beautiful post.


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