A Mother’s Nightmare

She cried. I also cried. I hugged her and whispered “Mommy’s here, I love you“. She stopped crying. I hold back the tears.

I think I felt the pain more than she did when the nurse gave her the shots. Yeah, Abby had her vaccination last week. I know it’s for her own good but hearing my baby cry like that makes me cry as well. I am not a “chickenhearted”, I am just an emotional mommy.

She had fever after the vaccination but with Paracetamol, extra hugs and lots of attention – she was back to her normal self after a couple of days.

However, the next evening she had allergic reaction to the formula milk. We didn’t realize at first because she was still smiling and talking a lot although her face and body looked reddish. Then when she started crying and wouldn’t be consoled, it hit me. Something is wrong. Stupid me, how can I not realize it sooner?

Even though it’s midnight and freezing outside, we rushed her to the hospital. I hated myself at that moment but my hubby is kind enough to remind me that it’s not my fault and should not worry because Abby is strong and will be fine. We waited for the rashes to subside and went home around 4am. Poor hubby, he must have been sleepy at work that day. Thank God, Abby was fine and so do I.

I thought I was already careful and yet such thing still happens.Well…as they say “no one is perfect” and I say “no mother is perfect”.

Being a mom is not easy and it’s only been 2 months since I became one! However, my love for Abby is enormous and I am willing to trade my sleep and comfort just to take care of her. I even set aside my wants and dreams just so I can look after her. She will grow up fast and soon wouldn’t need me anymore that’s why I want to bond with her now so we will have a strong mother-daughter relationship.

I just pray that God will guide and help me to be the best mom that I wish to be.


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Nightmare

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  3. Poor baby! The thought that another being is completely dependent on YOU can be overwhelming, Just remember that this is the role that was tailor made for YOU and so very rewarding not only for you but also for your precious baby Abby!


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