Abby First Before Anything Else

As Abby is growing taller, her voice and cries are becoming louder too. Her dada even teases and calls her ‘loud speaker‘. We both end up laughing when he says this while Abby (not knowing that we are teasing her) smiles nicely too. My cutie Abby.

Furthermore, Abby is demanding more of my attention and my time lately. She cries if she doesn’t see me around. Her musical toys can keep her occupied for some time but not for long. During day time, she sleeps in short periods of time. Gone are the days when all she does are eat and sleep, eat and sleep on and on and on.

Hence, sometimes the household chores are piling up despite all my efforts. I am a very patient person, I really am! However, I lost my patience and calmness yesterday. I am a bad mom in thoughts! Imagine, I got annoyed when Abby cried just because I was busy at the kitchen. I reprimanded myself immediately after feeling that way. I asked myself “who/what is more important – Abby or household chores?” Of course, you all know what my answer was. And that’s the story behind the title of this post. I should never get annoyed or feel disturbed while busy doing house chores when Abby demands my attention. She is my priority. House chores can wait.

Actually, the origin of “Abby first before anything elsemotto is from my mother’s “Stomach first before anything else” motto. It has nothing to do with me as a baby though. It’s all about filling your empty stomach first before doing any household chores. Great motto, right? It does make sense, eat first so you avoid ulcer plus you have the energy to do the chores.

I already whispered sorry to Abby (and lots of hugs) but I want to say it again, sorry baby! I am not annoyed at you, I got annoyed with your cries but still I shouldn’t because you’re my baby. I know you’re a good girl. I know that soon you will understand and behave when I asked you to. I love you baby.

What I'll Remember Most About 2011


2011 is the most memorable and most exciting year of my life. It was a roller coaster ride all throughout the year. Around February, I heard the most wonderful news from a happy wife’s point of view – I was told I am going to be a mother soon! I was ecstatic upon hearing that and so was my hubby.

Of course, there are the not so good experiences during pregnancy like being sick and weak, being a frequent visitor in the ladies room, being hungry and voracious all the time, being big and heavy and so on but those were just a phase and not so hard to deal with since I am very happy and excited to become a mom. The real deal is during delivery, I was given an injection so that it will be a painless labor yet it was painful. I am not blaming the doctor or any of the medical staff, I am forever grateful for all the help they had given me. What matters is that my baby was born healthy and I came out from the hospital alive and walking.

In short, the birth of my beautiful and healthy baby girl is what I remember most during 2011.

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A Mother’s Nightmare

She cried. I also cried. I hugged her and whispered “Mommy’s here, I love you“. She stopped crying. I hold back the tears.

I think I felt the pain more than she did when the nurse gave her the shots. Yeah, Abby had her vaccination last week. I know it’s for her own good but hearing my baby cry like that makes me cry as well. I am not a “chickenhearted”, I am just an emotional mommy.

She had fever after the vaccination but with Paracetamol, extra hugs and lots of attention – she was back to her normal self after a couple of days.

However, the next evening she had allergic reaction to the formula milk. We didn’t realize at first because she was still smiling and talking a lot although her face and body looked reddish. Then when she started crying and wouldn’t be consoled, it hit me. Something is wrong. Stupid me, how can I not realize it sooner?

Even though it’s midnight and freezing outside, we rushed her to the hospital. I hated myself at that moment but my hubby is kind enough to remind me that it’s not my fault and should not worry because Abby is strong and will be fine. We waited for the rashes to subside and went home around 4am. Poor hubby, he must have been sleepy at work that day. Thank God, Abby was fine and so do I.

I thought I was already careful and yet such thing still happens.Well…as they say “no one is perfect” and I say “no mother is perfect”.

Being a mom is not easy and it’s only been 2 months since I became one! However, my love for Abby is enormous and I am willing to trade my sleep and comfort just to take care of her. I even set aside my wants and dreams just so I can look after her. She will grow up fast and soon wouldn’t need me anymore that’s why I want to bond with her now so we will have a strong mother-daughter relationship.

I just pray that God will guide and help me to be the best mom that I wish to be.

Me – Time

The other day, my sister reminded me that although I am now a busy mother, I should not forget myself and must make an effort to look good. Apparently, I look “losyang” in my recent pictures. Of course, I contradicted her opinion and put the blame somewhere else.

Deep inside of me, I know my sister was right. I was just too proud to admit it but now I must say ” you are right my dear sister”. I know you meant well. Thank you.

So from today, I will make it a point to look good not that I will start wearing make up at home but to spare sometime for myself. Such as time to fix my hair and so on. Aside from physically looking good, I must also spend time to do my hobbies such as reading, blogging, sewing (not necessarily doing all these in one day) so that I will not be burned-out in being a stay at home mom and a housewife. In short, I should have a “me time” to keep me sane.

In fairness to my hubby, he helps me with some household chores and in taking care of Abby. He doesn’t stop me in doing my hobbies as well. Thanks hubby.


When I was pregnant, everybody told me that I should sleep as much as I can before I give birth. And I did. I thought I was well prepared but I was wrong.

I even mentioned numerous times on my previous posts that I will not mind the upcoming sleepless nights. And I didn’t – for the first week! Simply because I was overwhelmed with joy. I hardly noticed the time because I was like walking in the clouds.

But on the second week, reality has bitten me. I was still overwhelmed with joy. My love for Abby is still the same but I was physically tired. And I became cranky. Lack of sleep makes anyone cranky even a very loving mother like me.

Of course, I didn’t take it out on Abby. I tried talking to her though. I begged her to stop crying when she couldn’t settle herself to sleep. And as I had foreseen before,¬† I cried…silently. I missed my own mother. But she is so far. Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and he sure knows how to talk me out of my weariness.

Now, Abby is almost three weeks old and still I am overwhelmed with joy. But I am not so overwhelmed with tiredness and sleeplessness anymore. I have learned to sleep whenever she is asleep (mostly during night-time but during daytime – I keep myself busy with household chores).

Having Abby is the best thing that happened in my life and I will never trade her for anything in this world.

The Waiting is Over

Finally, after 9 long months…after a shocking induced labor…after 12 hours of supposedly not painful labor…half awake…tired…weak and with a sore throat, I saw my baby. I saw Abigail.

I saw her bluish feet first while the nurse cut the umbilical cord. Then I heard her faint cry. Did she scream while I am screaming too? Of course not but for a moment I wondered.

The nurse asked my name and my baby’s gender while she showed her to me. I am half awake physically but at that moment, I am emotionally alert.Then the nurse took¬† her away.

After sometime, the nurse came back and put my baby on my chest.Feeling her warm soft skin and seeing her face closely – I am overwhelmed with joy. It felt heavenly.What a magical moment.

All the pain and difficulties that I have been through had vanished. I may still be in pain but that doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is my baby. We are both safe and healthy. We are really blessed indeed. Thank God and thank you all for your prayers.

Welcome to the world Abigail Mikayla.

Goodbye pregnancy, hello motherhood!