Rolling Over

Dearest Abby,

Hi baby!

Yesterday you mastered the art of rolling over and lying down on your tummy. I was in the kitchen when you did it the first time. You were sleeping peacefully when I left and when I came back you are already on your belly. You can’t imagine how happy I was but you smiled sweetly when I clapped and cheered you on. I was so proud of you and you seemed proud of yourself too.

I know you will do it again (and you did!) and as much as I wanted to capture it on video, I was too amazed watching you to remember what I planned to do. Don’t you worry though because I will capture it for sure sooner or later.

I also noticed yesterday that when I am talking to you, your were staring at me as if you were listening intently to what I am saying. What’s more amazing is that you responded in your baby language when I asked if you understood what I am trying to say. Of course, there is no way to find out if you were really listening but I wanted to believe that you really did.

Oh baby I wanted to write and tell you so many things about your progress but now that I am on it, I can’t seem to find the right words so I think I have to stop now and write you again some other time. Until next time then.




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