Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge…

I love Elizabeth’s entry for this week’s photo challenge.Hence, I want to share and re-blog it here. So colorful and enticing!!!

Mirth and Motivation

“Indulgence rare to pleasures lendeth zest…” Juvenal

Indulge (Verb): To give free rein to: to take unrestrained pleasure in: gratify: to yield to the desire of: humor: to treat with excessive leniency, generosity, or consideration: to indulge oneself. Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of…

The very word – Indulge- brings up visions and memories of moments of guiltless pleasures; our rare yet zestful enjoyment of a forbidden pleasure or our enjoyment of a simple one we put off for a special day. Much of what we experience in life includes moments of celebration; an indulgence of our appetites. Restraint and enjoyment are equally important. For this challenge, I thought of many things that give me unrestrained pleasure; delicious food, spa visits, travel, music, dancing, great conversations and even a good joke. Yet, what kept coming back to me as fitting for this exercise, at least visually, was food…

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