Weekly Image of Life – Love And Family

Here are some photos of my darling baby whom I love so much and the two additional part of our family – Fox and Dana, two cute puppies whom a good friend of mine gave to us two weeks ago.

Abby is a bit scared but naughty Dana loves to play with her…

Dana asked ‘Hey Abby, can I play with that?’ then Abby answered ‘No way, I saw it first!’.

Dana’s brother Fox is well-behaved as compared to her but he loves to play with Abby too. Hopefully soon Abby will relax and enjoy their company as well. After all, we are now one big happy family.

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Weekly Image of Life – Colors

A lovely and colorful gift from a good friend sometime ago…

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Weekly Image of Life : Happiness

For me, happiness is being with my family doing things together such as watching the sunrise at the beach. I don’t need to go anywhere else to be happy. We can even stay at home all day and I am still happy. I am happy when they are happy.

Abby, our little bundle of joy keeps us smiling and happy all day. Watching her grow and progress is an enjoyable and amazing experience. Taking care of her is a big responsibility but her mere presence in our lives gives us a sense of deep happiness.

Other meaning/sources of my happiness are the ff:

Happiness is hearing good news from my parents, siblings, in-laws and all other relatives whom I am close with. Knowing that they are all healthy makes me happy.

Happiness is doing the things that I like such as cooking, sewing, reading, writing, etc.

Happiness is having peace in my life and in my surroundings.

Happiness is helping others in my own ways.

Happiness is being content and thankful for all the blessings that I have.

But the greatest source of my happiness is God.

How about you, what makes you happy?

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