The Best Part of Friday

Here in the Gulf, Friday is like a Sunday in other parts of the world…

Destin Beach

I love Fridays! Simply because my hubby is off and so every Friday is like a family day. In the morning, we usually go out shopping for grocery items. Afterwards we buy something to eat from a local restaurant or fast-food chain nearby and then we eat it at the beach. We love eating at the beach as long as there is no sandstorm. We love seeing the blue endless water, it’s a relaxing sight. So yeah this is my favorite thing about Friday. So simple yet so meaningful to me.

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If I Were an Animal

Margaret Shaffhauser with bull terrier dog at the Canine Association Show, 3 Nov 1934 / by Ted Hood

If I were an animal, I would be a dog because a dog is a man’s best friend and a great companion. Kids and grown ups will adore and love me. I can also guard my owner’s home.

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My Simple Home Town

What I love about my hometown is the serenity of the place, the simplicity of life, the view of mountain which seem so near yet so far, the green trees/plants/grasses almost everywhere, the lovely flowers in each home’s front yard, the freshness of food, the animals roaming in the field such as the picture above and last but not the least, the friendly neighborhood.

Strange but now that I am far from my hometown, I miss being there from time to time – a feeling that I never thought I would feel while I was there. When I was young, I used to wish that I grow up soon so I can leave from my hometown.

Moral lesson : Enjoy everything and everyone’s presence wherever you are so that someday you’ll have no regrets and when you reminisce you will have good memories to remember.

Note : The picture above was shot by my cousin when she went on vacation at our hometown recently. The animal is called ‘Kalabaw’ in Tagalog or ‘Carabao’ in English. This animal is widely known (in our place) as the farmer’s best friend.

What I'll Remember Most About 2011


2011 is the most memorable and most exciting year of my life. It was a roller coaster ride all throughout the year. Around February, I heard the most wonderful news from a happy wife’s point of view – I was told I am going to be a mother soon! I was ecstatic upon hearing that and so was my hubby.

Of course, there are the not so good experiences during pregnancy like being sick and weak, being a frequent visitor in the ladies room, being hungry and voracious all the time, being big and heavy and so on but those were just a phase and not so hard to deal with since I am very happy and excited to become a mom. The real deal is during delivery, I was given an injection so that it will be a painless labor yet it was painful. I am not blaming the doctor or any of the medical staff, I am forever grateful for all the help they had given me. What matters is that my baby was born healthy and I came out from the hospital alive and walking.

In short, the birth of my beautiful and healthy baby girl is what I remember most during 2011.

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Note : I found out about Plinky Prompts maybe 2 months ago but never really tried answering until tonight (It was actually fun!) and I would like to share this one to you all. Thank you for reading!