What I'll Remember Most About 2011


2011 is the most memorable and most exciting year of my life. It was a roller coaster ride all throughout the year. Around February, I heard the most wonderful news from a happy wife’s point of view – I was told I am going to be a mother soon! I was ecstatic upon hearing that and so was my hubby.

Of course, there are the not so good experiences during pregnancy like being sick and weak, being a frequent visitor in the ladies room, being hungry and voracious all the time, being big and heavy and so on but those were just a phase and not so hard to deal with since I am very happy and excited to become a mom. The real deal is during delivery, I was given an injection so that it will be a painless labor yet it was painful. I am not blaming the doctor or any of the medical staff, I am forever grateful for all the help they had given me. What matters is that my baby was born healthy and I came out from the hospital alive and walking.

In short, the birth of my beautiful and healthy baby girl is what I remember most during 2011.

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Note : I found out about Plinky Prompts maybe 2 months ago but never really tried answering until tonight (It was actually fun!) and I would like to share this one to you all. Thank you for reading!


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