Moments with Abby

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my kids…

Short update : Addy who’s now one and four months learned recently how to go up and down the bed on her own. Also, she says “mommy, mommy, mommy” with a big voice. Sometimes she even say “mommy come!” if I am doing something and she feels like I’m ignoring her.

Abby who turned three years old two months ago goes to play school five days a week and she’s having a great time there. She sleeps early and wakes up early because of playschool. She mingles with everybody now. Thank God, she is no longer aloof with other people.


During lunch today, I felt a pain on one of my fingers and Abby noticed that I’m in pain so she asked me..

Abby : “Mommy, are you hurt? Are you not feeling well?”

Me : “Yes”.

Abby : “You have to sleep, mommy”. “You need to rest and relax so you will feel better”.

Me : (Smiling) “Okay Abby, but first you have to eat so mommy can sleep and relax”. (And she ate well which was another good thing because she eats like a bird most of the time.)

I feel so happy and proud when Abby talks to me like a grown up. Keep it up baby!

Abby admiring the flowers

Abby admiring the flowers

curious Addy

curious Addy


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