Weekly Photo Challenge : Celebration

newborn baby

Whenever a baby is born, there is always a celebration. It is a joyful and wonderful event in every parent’s life. A great news shared with relatives and friends.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Family

A dog is a man’s best friend but for my sister Jiselle, her dog ‘Phoebe’ is more than that.

Phoebe is her family in a country called UAE, away from home and our family.

She treats Phoebe like a big baby. She had her since she was a tiny puppy.

Phoebe is now 3 years old. Isn’t she a beauty?

Weekly Photo Challenge : Breakfast

Our breakfast varies each day but a cup of tea for my hubby and a cup of milk for me are constant and a must.

Below is what I ate this morning.

Egg omelet + brown kaboos (bread) + warm fresh milk + banana

In addition to these, I had a massive dose of sweet morning smile from my beautiful baby.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Wonder

Kuwait Towers (man-made wonder)

Aside from the WONDER-ful towers, the sky looks wonderful too isn’t it?

Sunrise (one of nature’s wonder)

                                                        Sunrise (another day)