Weekly Photo Challenge – Family


mommy Carabao and calf

This photo was taken at Isabela, Philippines. Sorry but the calf doesn’t want to be disturbed and was not interested to be photographed either.


Abby and her daddy

This photo was taken sometime last year. A big boy passing by tried to make Abby smile but she got scared instead. Hence, she doesn’t want to play with her ball as she used to and her daddy was comforting her in this photo.

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Loud Speaker Addy

Dear baby Addy,

Happy 6th month to you my little love!

You grew up so fast and well. Thank God, you’ve been healthy all this time.

These days, you don’t like staying on the bed unless someone is playing with you. I guess you feel bored lying down. Thanks to the walker, you can roam around without my help while grabbing anything that you see along the way and trying to ‘taste it’ at the same time. Good thing, I have a little helper who tells you not to do it though she can’t stop you consistently as she is busy herself.

Addy.jpgWhen you talk (in your own language), your voice is very loud. Hence, we call you ‘loud speaker’ and we can’t resist not responding. How can we? When you sound so cute and amusing. Also, you love it when we talk to you. How did we know? Your radiant smile says so.

I noticed lately that whenever you wake up and you don’t see me around, you cry. You were not like this before, you used to just lie quietly or even noisily sucking your finger until I come. Well, it’s okay because that’s how it is you will keep changing just like your sister. But you know what’s funny? Though you cry loudly at first, you calm down on your own and stop crying but once I entered the room, you start crying loudly again until I pick you up. You already know how to play trick with me huh?

Anyway, the other new thing about you is that now you have two teeth. Yup, another tooth came out last month. And thank God just like the first time, you didn’t have fever.

So what are you going to show us this month? We can’t wait to see it.

Okay, that’s all for now. Stay strong and healthy. I love you. We all love you!

Hugs and kisses,


Rolling Over

Dear Addy,

Hello baby!


While you were lying down on the bed yesterday morning, I noticed that you managed to turn to your side. I told you ‘very good Addy!’ like I always say whenever you do something good. I also thought, ‘Wow, my darling daughter is strong! For sure, she will roll over soon.’ I didn’t think though that it will happen on the same day.

Yes, to my surprise you rolled over yesterday afternoon and you are only 3 months and ten days!


I didn’t expect it so soon because your sister did it when she was more than 5 months old. Though I know that all babies do not develop at the same time, I still didn’t expect it.

Of course, I was so happy and proud of you. When I told your daddy about it and even showed him, he was also delighted.

After your first roll over, you were unstoppable. You kept doing it. When you get tired, you cry and that’s a signal for me to help you lie down on your back again.

Stay strong baby. Keep surprising me and daddy and grow up soon so that you can play with your sister who loves to shower you with kisses everyday. We all love you very much baby.



Daily Prompt – Name that…You!

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

I don’t know the meaning of my name, not until today. Actually, I thought my name has no meaning but when I googled it because of this prompt, I found out that my name means ‘bitter, famous warrior’. Do I think it suits me? I don’t think so. Well, maybe in the past I have been bitter but I’ve changed and matured. I became a better person.

I also don’t know why my parents chose my name. I should ask my mother next time I call her.

My children’s names are Abigail and Adeline. My hubby and I chose these names because they mean something. Abigail means ‘father’s joy’ while Adeline means ‘noble’. I love their names. I hope they will too.



Hello Adeline!

We are happy to finally see and hold you,

We are thankful that you are healthy and safe,

Welcome to the world little angel, and

Welcome home.

Looking forward to spending time with you,

To see you smile,

To hear your giggles and laugh,

To watch you move, crawl, and walk,

To hear your voice and when you can finally talk,

I’m sure that daddy and I will be hearing lots of amusing words.

We can’t wait to see you grow but we must be patient.

So all we ask for now is that you’ll stay healthy and

try not to worry mommy and daddy, okay?

We love you baby Addy!

PS. your sister  Abby can’t wait to play with you!








Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgic


This scenery reminds me of home.


This is ‘Kalabaw’ (in Tagalog) or ‘Carabao’ (in English), reminds me of my childhood. I grew up with my grandparents and they used to have some of these Kalabaws.

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I’m Excited to See You Addy

Dear Addy,

Hi baby!

Your daddy once asked me why I am not writing letters to you like I did with your sister. He asked me “Are you not excited?” and I replied “of course I am excited!” Addy, you are a blessing and a gift from God to us. You are our second baby but it doesn’t mean we love you less. We love you as much as we love Abby. Always remember that.

Though I didn’t write you as often as I have written to your ate Abby when she was still in my tummy, I do talk to you all the time and so does your sister and daddy. We are all excited to see you, to hold you, to kiss you and to talk to you. And that will be soon.

You know your sister knows your name already and she says “love you sister” often. I’m sure you two will get along well and will have lots of fun time together. Daddy and I can’t wait to watch you two play and talk to each other.

We all love you baby. My family and your dad’s family are all praying for both of us. Please help mommy, okay? Come out when it’s time for you to be born and in a normal way, nicely and quickly.

So see you soon baby Addy! Stay healthy.