I’m Excited to See You Addy

Dear Addy,

Hi baby!

Your daddy once asked me why I am not writing letters to you like I did with your sister. He asked me “Are you not excited?” and I replied “of course I am excited!” Addy, you are a blessing and a gift from God to us. You are our second baby but it doesn’t mean we love you less. We love you as much as we love Abby. Always remember that.

Though I didn’t write you as often as I have written to your ate Abby when she was still in my tummy, I do talk to you all the time and so does your sister and daddy. We are all excited to see you, to hold you, to kiss you and to talk to you. And that will be soon.

You know your sister knows your name already and she says “love you sister” often. I’m sure you two will get along well and will have lots of fun time together. Daddy and I can’t wait to watch you two play and talk to each other.

We all love you baby. My family and your dad’s family are all praying for both of us. Please help mommy, okay? Come out when it’s time for you to be born and in a normal way, nicely and quickly.

So see you soon baby Addy! Stay healthy.




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