Abby is a Free Spirit

Abby’s curiosity is unstoppable nowadays. She doesn’t like being held anymore like she used to. She wants to be left alone so she can roam around freely. Her dada calls her ‘free spirit’. Below is a poem I created inspired by her nickname.

Free Spirit

I am a free spirit

So let me be

Free to do what I want

And be happy as a bee

Flying here and there

Roaming everywhere

Let me crawl

And play on the floor

Let me stand and walk

Right through that door

Let me climb on the β€˜diwaniya’

And tap the wall

If I fall

Don’t panic or scream

I can bear a little bump

I am strong

Besides my guardian angel

Will surely catch me

Before I hit the floor

So relax mommy

And let me be

A free spirit

Just like my daddy calls me.

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