Daily Prompt – Movement

dancing waves

dancing waves


‘Catch me if you can daddy!’

Daily Prompt – Movement

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photo taken by Abby's dad

photo taken by Abby’s dad

Photo taken by Abby's dad

Photo taken by Abby’s dad

Abby and her dad were roaming at the park yesterday when they noticed something while looking up at the trees. Abby’s dad decided to take some photos and while doing so, Abby came to me saying…

Abby : ‘Mommy, I saw a coconut!’

Me: ‘What? Where? (There is no coconut tree around and definitely no coconut vendor either)

Guess what she thought was a coconut?

Jake’s Sunday Post – Abby’s Reality


Having fun at the beach is a part of Abby’s reality.


Running and playing ‘catch me if you can’ is another part of her reality.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Preoccupied

Preoccupied Abby

"Please don't disturb when I'm eating" .......

“Please don’t disturb when I’m eating” …….


“Mommy, where are my toys?”…

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Share You World 2013 – Week 47

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

It rarely rains here in Kuwait but when it does, I always watch the rain from our window and make sure that Abby sees it as well then we sing the famous ‘rain, rain go away’ song. Usually, the rain doesn’t last long

What is the weirdest or strangest thing you saw or heard or did this week?

This thing happens everyday but I can’t remember when it started. Abby doesn’t drink directly from her glass, she uses a spoon. I didn’t teach her to do this and as much as I don’t want to give her a spoon after giving her a glass of water or juice, she will make a fuss if I don’t so I have no choice but to give it to her. I’m sure she will outgrow this habit eventually.

What item, that you don’t have already, would you most like to own?

I wish to have a DSLR camera.

How many times you have moved in the last ten years?

Just once.


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Happy new year!!!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Kind and Caring

Kind and Caring Abby


Kind and caring to animals

Whenever Abby sees a cat, she says “Hi Meme!” and tries to pet them.  Usually, the cats run away but this cat was very friendly.

kind and caring sister

kind and caring sister

I’m happy that at a young age, Abby is kind and caring to her sister Addy. She doesn’t get upset or angry when Addy grabs her hair. When Addy is crying, she tells her “Don’t cry Addy, mommy is here”.


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Share Your World – 2013 Week 22

Here are the questions and my answers for this week’s SYW:

1. What was the last URL that you bookmarked? http://www.thechristiandollar.com/how-to-make-a-budget/  

2. For relaxation, would you rather meditate, swim, walk, listen to music, write, read, yoga, qigong, or other?  I usually lie down and read something while playing instrumental or mellow music (that is of course if Abby is sleeping). If Abby is awake, then I just usually listen to music or play with her. Her laughs and giggles are contagious and it relaxes me.

3. You’re given $500,000 dollars, what do you spend it on? I will give the 10 percent to church then save half of the remaining in the bank for my kids’ education and invest the other half into something.

4. Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing?  Yes, and yes.


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