Weekly Photo Challenge – In The Background

my shadow in the background

my shadow in the background

If not for this challenge, I wouldn’t even notice my shadow in the background when I shot this photo. Also, those people in the background (my sisters, Abby & nephew) were supposed to be the center of attraction but since I didn’t tell them about my plan, they didn’t slow down from walking and so it turned out this way.

This photo was taken last December in Rizal, Phillipines.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Near And Far

I love taking photos. I always make sure that my cam is in my bag before going out. I take photos of anything I find beautiful such as this tree. I shot this while I am inside a running car and I’m glad it came out alright. So now I have an entry to the ‘near and far‘ challenge.

Here’s another one. Both photos above were taken at Fahaheel, Kuwait.

I’m also including this photo I took during my last vacation in the Philippines. The mountain look so near but it is actually far.

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