Happy 20th month Abby!

Dear baby,

Hello little one! Since today is your special day, I made a list of the things I love about you and here they are..


  1.  I love it when you remind me to pray – hands clasped together, you say “Mommy, pray pray!” before we sleep and before we eat our meals.
  2. I love it when you kiss me because I am quiet and you seem to think I need comforting.
  3. I also love it when you hug me without me asking you to do it.
  4. I love it when you pick up bits of paper or food wrapper lying on the floor and put it in the garbage bin. I was amazed when you did it the first time without me or daddy telling you to do so and when we tell you “very good!” , your smile is up to your ears
  5. I was so proud of you when one day while daddy was preparing to go to the office, you opened the drawer where his socks are being kept – pull one pair and gave it to him. We didn’t teach you this either but I guess you learned it thru observation. We always tell you, you are smart and you loved  hearing it.
  6. I love that you love animals.
  7. I love it when you call me “mommy,mommy,mommy!” or your daddy “daddy,daddy,daddy!”.
  8. I am so happy that you enjoy your books though you can’t read yet, you have a good memory and you can identify the pictures on your books.
  9. I love that you can play alone.
  10. I love that you want to eat on your own.
Abby and the friendly cat at the park

Abby and the friendly cat at the park

There are many other things that I love about you but for now this list is enough…

Stay strong and healthy my precious baby. Mommy and daddy loves you very much!


Hugs and kisses,





4 thoughts on “Happy 20th month Abby!

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  2. I hope this list survives into the future because Abbey will probably enjoy reading it when she is older. When my girls were small I made a point of at least once a year writing down their accomplishments, their likes and dislikes, new words and the like. When they were adults I did each a scrapbook of their growing up and included those remembrances – they loved it.


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