One Year Old Addy

Dear Addy,


You came into our lives unexpectedly,

But we welcomed you joyfully,

For we know that you are a gift from above,

A precious blessing whom we’ll always treasure.

Addy @ 19 days

Addy @ 19 days

It’s true we wanted a boy to be our second child,

But when we found out you’re a girl,

We didn’t complain or ask God why,

Instead we prayed, ‘Please Lord make her healthy.’


You grew up so fast – not just healthy and smart,

But oh you’re such a beauty,

Especially when you smile sweetly,

And now you’re one year old already.


Addy @ one year

Addy @ one year

Where did the time go?

It feels like only yesterday,

When I was struggling to wake up,

Almost every hour to nurse you at night.


Afterwards, taking care of you was easy,

Because you were a calm baby,

You only cry when hungry,

I guess you knew, mommy is too busy.


Now that you’re walking,

So curious about everything,

You’re already climbing,

Which makes my heart racing.


You might think I will always catch you,

Which of course is true but,

You must make sure my eyes are on you,

Before climbing whatever you want to.


Okay then before you wake up,

I should finish this up,

Or  it will end up again in my draft,

Happy one year old Addy! (belated)


I love you more than I can say,

Stay sweet, strong, and healthy,

Keep up you’re good appetite,

And even you’re curiosity.


Hugs and kisses,


Addy at 10 Month

Dear Addy,

Hello little one!

You were amazing the other day. I was helping you get up and stand as usual when I tried to let go of your hand and voila! You were standing on your own for approximately two minutes. Daddy wasn’t looking so I made you do it again to show him and you didn’t disappoint us. You actually amazed us when you moved towards him and walked two steps. Good job Addy!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture that precious moment as my cam or phone was not within my reach and I have to stay with you to make sure that I can catch you if you fall. Well, there is always next time for that and this letter will remind us of your first time standing alone.

At 10 month old, you already understand some words and what you are supposed to do when I tell you those words:

  • Clap your hands – you’ve been doing this since you were 3 month old ( if I remember it correctly) it’s just that now, I can ask you to do it whenever.
  • Scream – since you love to scream, I made sure you know what it’s called.
  • Tongue out – when you are crying or fussy during nappy change, I would distract you by asking you to do this and you would oblige amidst your tears.

    Tongue out, Addy!

    Tongue out, Addy!

  • Flying kiss – you make the sound of the kiss perfectly and in rapid succession but you tend to forget that your fingers are supposed to help the kiss fly.
  • Bye  – you would wave so happily that sometimes you would do it with both hands.
  • Pray – you learned this through your sister who would say ‘pray, pray mommy’ while folding her hands together before having our meal.

There are more words that I’m sure you already understand but have no action to it so I just listed those words that you act so cutely and cleverly.

I love watermelon!

I love watermelon!

With regards to eating, you have a great appetite. You eat everything! (including the things that are not edible). I have to keep my eyes wide open like an owl to make sure you are not chewing something that you are not supposed to.

During meal sometimes, you don’t want me feeding you because you want to do it yourself. You want to hold the food and be the one to put it in your mouth like the photo above. Want to be independent so soon, huh?

Anyway, keep growing strong, healthy and smart. Bye for now. I’ll write again soon.




Two and Half

Dear Abby,

Hello baby! Yes, you will always be my baby no matter how old you are. OK?

Your two and a half-year old self is busy with the crayons while I am writing this to you. Nope, you are not busy coloring but you are busily inserting the crayons in a green colored bottle which I emptied a little while ago. It’s not surprising at all, you do this thing all the time – putting your toys or things in any container then removing it, afterwards you put it back, then you remove it again, and the cycle goes on until you get distracted with something else.

You do coloring sometimes but you can’t do it properly yet. I’m still happy though because you try to do it.  I always show you how to do it correctly but you want to do it your way. I am sad sometimes because you don’t listen to me like you used to and that was before you turned two. It’s not your fault though, I blame your age.

I’m not worried because I know that this is just a phase, you will change and behave as you grow older.

If there’s one thing that worries me, it’s your behavior when you get annoyed with Addy. You tend to hit her when she tries to grab your toy or anything that you think is yours. Daddy and I always tell you that you should treat her gently and share the toys to her but to no avail.

Thankfully, you don’t hit her hard. Unfortunately, I can’t leave you two alone. Hopefully soon, you’ll be a gentle ‘ate’ (older sister) to Addy. I know you will, I just don’t know when. Perhaps when you turn three?

Of course, you are not bad. You misbehave sometimes but oftentimes you are a good and sweet girl. Though you make Addy cry, you also know how to make her laugh.

Also, though you are not yet good at coloring and writing ,your memory is good. You know many nursery song already including the alphabet song. You can even recite the numbers 1- 20. You can also name the basic colors and shapes. You are a smart kid and I don’t need to tell you whom you inherited such trait, right?

Oh have I mention that when we scold you, you know how to divert our attention? Yes, you are so good at that. It’s either you would ask a question about something or kiss and hug us. Very clever huh?

What else? hmmnnn…I have to end it here for now. I will write you again when I can. Stay strong and healthy. I love you baby!

Hugs and kisses,


Addy @ 7months

Dearest Addy,

Hello little one! How are you today?

Addy7moAs you may have noticed from my earlier letters to you, I always tell you about your progress. Guess what you did this time? Lately, you don’t just move in circles anymore when you’re lying down. You can now move forward! I’m so proud of you. Daddy and I encourages you to keep moving and so does your ate Abby. She imitates what we do and say. It’s funny when she say ‘Addy, little more little more’ but she keeps moving the toy that daddy puts in front of you.

You and ate Abby are having fun every day. You love to watch her and she adores you. She makes you laugh most of the time. How? She simply runs towards you while laughing and you would burst in laughter too. Sometimes, she jumps and that would make you laugh too. Other times, she fans you with a cloth or paper and that’s enough for you to laugh. Whatever she does seem funny to you.

abbyaddy.jpgThough there are times when she makes you cry, that’s easily forgotten as soon as you see her laughing. All is well again. You can’t help but laugh with her and it doesn’t seem like you cried just a second ago, making me laugh as well.

Recently, you started saying ‘pa pa pa’. One time as I was talking to a friend on the phone, I mentioned about it and upon hearing me say it, you immediately say it too. That was really great because you proved to her that you can actually say those words… or syllables.

Aside from that, you like to scream whenever you feel like doing it. You would start by saying something which I can’t understand then you would scream or sometimes you just scream without any warning. You used to cry when your ate Abby screams but now you’re screaming like her. I guess you thought ‘if I can’t beat her, I’ll join her’ eh?

Oh have I told you that you and your daddy have a dancing routine? You like it very much. You would smile, laugh and open your mouth wide because you’re too happy when daddy dances with you. So cute to watch you two dance like crazy.

I hope that someday when you read all my letters to you, you would appreciate it.

Okay little one, time to say bye for now. Stay as happy and healthy as you are. I love you. We love you baby! A happy and blessed 7th month to you!!!

Hugs and kisses,


Loud Speaker Addy

Dear baby Addy,

Happy 6th month to you my little love!

You grew up so fast and well. Thank God, you’ve been healthy all this time.

These days, you don’t like staying on the bed unless someone is playing with you. I guess you feel bored lying down. Thanks to the walker, you can roam around without my help while grabbing anything that you see along the way and trying to ‘taste it’ at the same time. Good thing, I have a little helper who tells you not to do it though she can’t stop you consistently as she is busy herself.

Addy.jpgWhen you talk (in your own language), your voice is very loud. Hence, we call you ‘loud speaker’ and we can’t resist not responding. How can we? When you sound so cute and amusing. Also, you love it when we talk to you. How did we know? Your radiant smile says so.

I noticed lately that whenever you wake up and you don’t see me around, you cry. You were not like this before, you used to just lie quietly or even noisily sucking your finger until I come. Well, it’s okay because that’s how it is you will keep changing just like your sister. But you know what’s funny? Though you cry loudly at first, you calm down on your own and stop crying but once I entered the room, you start crying loudly again until I pick you up. You already know how to play trick with me huh?

Anyway, the other new thing about you is that now you have two teeth. Yup, another tooth came out last month. And thank God just like the first time, you didn’t have fever.

So what are you going to show us this month? We can’t wait to see it.

Okay, that’s all for now. Stay strong and healthy. I love you. We all love you!

Hugs and kisses,


Addy @ 4 Months

Dear Addy,

Hi baby! Guess what’s new to you this month? Well, you must read on to find out…

Two weeks ago when I first noticed something in the middle of your lower gum while you were smiling cutely at me (and your mouth was wide open!). It was a tooth! You were not even cranky before that as it was the case of your sister. Thank God you didn’t have a fever either. Anyway, I was happy and so was daddy.

It was just last month when you started rolling over and lately, we noticed that you don’t simply roll over but sometimes, you look like you want to stand up already. It’s funny when you try to lift your body because you can only lift your bottom yet you lift it so high that I get scared you might get hurt when you fall. I wish I could record it on cam when you do it but every time I try, you are already done before I can click a photo. I know I should keep the camera nearby but your sister will play with it so I always keep it hidden somewhere.

Also, this month we got your ears pierced. You look girly now which of course I love while your daddy was just so – so about it. Yeah, your daddy wants you and your sis not to look too girly but he knows that we must pierce your ears earlier than when we did Abby’s. You can say we learned a lesson when we got your ate Abby’s ear pierced at a later age than you were.

I love my earrings!

I love my earrings!

Alright baby, that’s it for this month. Stay healthy, strong and pretty as you are. I’ll write to you again next month. Hopefully. Keep on smiling!



Rolling Over

Dear Addy,

Hello baby!


While you were lying down on the bed yesterday morning, I noticed that you managed to turn to your side. I told you ‘very good Addy!’ like I always say whenever you do something good. I also thought, ‘Wow, my darling daughter is strong! For sure, she will roll over soon.’ I didn’t think though that it will happen on the same day.

Yes, to my surprise you rolled over yesterday afternoon and you are only 3 months and ten days!


I didn’t expect it so soon because your sister did it when she was more than 5 months old. Though I know that all babies do not develop at the same time, I still didn’t expect it.

Of course, I was so happy and proud of you. When I told your daddy about it and even showed him, he was also delighted.

After your first roll over, you were unstoppable. You kept doing it. When you get tired, you cry and that’s a signal for me to help you lie down on your back again.

Stay strong baby. Keep surprising me and daddy and grow up soon so that you can play with your sister who loves to shower you with kisses everyday. We all love you very much baby.



Dear Addy #3

Dear Addy,

Hello baby! You know at this moment while I’m writing this letter to you, you are sleeping nicely while you’re sister is playing next to me.

I wanted to write you at least once a month but I was too busy taking care of you and your sister (and our home too) that’s why I keep putting it off but today I told myself that I must write to you.

Days are flying by so fast and you are growing so fast too but I notice everything.

I noticed that your voice is becoming louder every day.

I noticed that you started communicating before you turn two months old (which was last month), you would smile, stick your tongue out, and try to talk whenever I am talking to you. I wonder what you were trying to say?

I noticed that 3 days ago, you started to lift your head while I was applying oil and massaging your back.

I noticed that you are well-behaved and not ‘crysome’. You usually soothe yourself by sucking your fingers and only cry when you want to be changed or when you are hungry.

And I am aware that in two days, you will be 3 months old. So I want to greet you now, advance happy 3 months baby! Mommy is so proud of you. I love you very much. Stay healthy and strong.

I have to stop now because your sister won’t let me continue. Grow up soon so you two can play together. I hope to write you again next month. Bye for now.

Love and kisses,




Hello Adeline!

We are happy to finally see and hold you,

We are thankful that you are healthy and safe,

Welcome to the world little angel, and

Welcome home.

Looking forward to spending time with you,

To see you smile,

To hear your giggles and laugh,

To watch you move, crawl, and walk,

To hear your voice and when you can finally talk,

I’m sure that daddy and I will be hearing lots of amusing words.

We can’t wait to see you grow but we must be patient.

So all we ask for now is that you’ll stay healthy and

try not to worry mommy and daddy, okay?

We love you baby Addy!

PS. your sister  Abby can’t wait to play with you!








I’m Excited to See You Addy

Dear Addy,

Hi baby!

Your daddy once asked me why I am not writing letters to you like I did with your sister. He asked me “Are you not excited?” and I replied “of course I am excited!” Addy, you are a blessing and a gift from God to us. You are our second baby but it doesn’t mean we love you less. We love you as much as we love Abby. Always remember that.

Though I didn’t write you as often as I have written to your ate Abby when she was still in my tummy, I do talk to you all the time and so does your sister and daddy. We are all excited to see you, to hold you, to kiss you and to talk to you. And that will be soon.

You know your sister knows your name already and she says “love you sister” often. I’m sure you two will get along well and will have lots of fun time together. Daddy and I can’t wait to watch you two play and talk to each other.

We all love you baby. My family and your dad’s family are all praying for both of us. Please help mommy, okay? Come out when it’s time for you to be born and in a normal way, nicely and quickly.

So see you soon baby Addy! Stay healthy.