Talkative Abby

Hello baby,

Two nights ago you found a new way to communicate with me and your dada – screaming! You scream, scream and scream on top of your voice. So far none of our neighbors complained. I guess they understand.

You’ve been talkative lately in your own baby language. You sound cute and funny. Your dada and I can’t stop smiling when you talk either to us or to yourself. We tell each other that we must talk to you in an adult way so you will speak clearly when you really start talking but most of the time – we end up talking like you do. See how you influence us?

Nonetheless you never stop giving us joy and we appreciate you…

whether you’re sleeping…

or awake smiling…

or even fussy…

or seriously cute..

You will always be our little angel.

Our precious bundle of joy.

We love you so much!


24 thoughts on “Talkative Abby

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  3. Thanks so much for joining my blog family! I hope you’ll introduce yourself on my Friends page, so my other readers can see your beautiful child! Be sure to include your blog URL. I’m happy you’ve joined us!


  4. Adorable girl! Babies this age are so cute, I love it when my baby talks in her own Cue language as well! I actually pretend to understand what she’s saying and make a conversation out of it šŸ™‚


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