Be Patient

I am too excited to see my baby..but alas, the more excited I am…the more my baby seems to enjoy her stay in my belly.

I thought I will give birth to her before my next appointment which is tomorrow but I guess I am wrong. Yesterday after my regular walk early in the morning, I felt like she will come out any moment but 24 hours later I’m still here…waiting…anticipating…and contemplating whether the pain in my back and irregular contraction are enough reasons for me to go to the hospital.

I am not bleeding. My water bag didn’t break yet. I do feel the contraction from time to time but the pain is still tolerable. Sometimes I am thinking “what if I just happen to have a high tolerance of pain?” But who am I kidding? All moms I talked to said that when the real labor pains kicked in, you can barely walk. You can not bear the pain and you will surely bug and even scream at your husband to take you to the hospital immediately.So I think I am just gonna have to wait what will the doctor say tomorrow.

Did you know that only 5 per cent per cent of babies are born on their expected due date and 75 per cent are born later? That’s according to For more details, click here.

Oh well, I just have to be patient then.But I am hoping so much and praying so hard that I will give birth to my beautiful baby soon.

I admit that sometimes, I want her to be born soon because she is really heavy.I am having difficulty to move and I am feeling bored. Am I bad to feel this way? I do feel guilty when I think like this and say sorry to my baby immediately because I feel like since she’s inside of me, she might read my mind.

At least when she is born, I will be too busy taking care of her to feel bored. Besides, it will be a lot better to talk to her while looking at her face to face rather than when she is inside my belly, right?

Anyways, to all the people who share the excitement of our baby’s birth – thank you! We appreciate all your care, concern, support and prayers. Our hearts are overwhelmed with joy. Really, thank you.

And for my baby Abby, it’s alright little angel. Don’t be pressured by mommy, take your time. I will patiently wait and will see you in God’s perfect time. Just please, please be healthy…and help mommy when that time comes. I love you baby.


5 thoughts on “Be Patient

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  2. Thanks Hazel. Yes, it really feels like the time is so so slow. 🙂 But as you said once she’s out and once I see her, the feeling is priceless so I will patiently wait for that time. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  3. when you are on your last term all you want is baby to come out. Really feels like time so slow. Beside from the reason that you want to see and hug your little one. you also want to end all the amazing pains like contraction, kicking, feeling heavy and (not to mention constipation… urrrrrggg i hate it). in time you really know that you are on real labor. you can’t imagine the pain. It may happen anytime now…. but once its out OMG it felt really good. Priceless…. Have a happy labor…


  4. hey malou..i knw,as the days are near,ur excited to much..don wry evrythng wil b fine by god’s grace..!! 🙂 hope u’ll have a normal prayers are there 4 u..stay cool..=)


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