The Waiting is Over

Finally, after 9 long months…after a shocking induced labor…after 12 hours of supposedly not painful labor…half awake…tired…weak and with a sore throat, I saw my baby. I saw Abigail.

I saw her bluish feet first while the nurse cut the umbilical cord. Then I heard her faint cry. Did she scream while I am screaming too? Of course not but for a moment I wondered.

The nurse asked my name and my baby’s gender while she showed her to me. I am half awake physically but at that moment, I am emotionally alert.Then the nurse tookΒ  her away.

After sometime, the nurse came back and put my baby on my chest.Feeling her warm soft skin and seeing her face closely – I am overwhelmed with joy. It felt heavenly.What a magical moment.

All the pain and difficulties that I have been through had vanished. I may still be in pain but that doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is my baby. We are both safe and healthy. We are really blessed indeed. Thank God and thank you all for your prayers.

Welcome to the world Abigail Mikayla.

Goodbye pregnancy, hello motherhood!


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