One Week Old

Hello baby.

It seems like you were just born yesterday…. but now it’s been a week. Soon you will be two weeks old…then a month…two months.. and before we realized, you will be a year old. Wow. I know, I know..I am way too excited about the future, but can you blame me?

Anyway, back to the present time….

We want you to know that we love every minute spent with you.

We enjoy bathing you every morning. Although at first we were scared because you see, you are so tiny and look so fragile. Eventually we became confident. We think you are scared too because you cried whenever the water touched your skin but our gentle words seem to soothe you.

When you smile, our hearts melt with joy. Sometimes, you even laugh and that’s a real marvel to us. We keep on asking you to do it again..and again. Sometimes you oblige, sometimes you’re too sleepy to obey.

Most of these days, you just eat and sleep. So when you are awake, we make the most of it by talking to you.

We love taking photos of you. Whether you are sleeping or awake, we simply can’t resist capturing every moment.Someday when you grow up, you will realize how priceless these pictures are.

Crying is your way of seeking our attention. You cry when you are hungry. You cry when your nappy needs to be changed. If you cry in the middle of the night, we jump out of bed immediately to attend to you. We don’t mind having sleepless nights because we love you.

You sneeze a lot but it’s normal, sneezing is a defense mechanism so we are not worried. What’s funny though is that you sneeze loudly like a grown up. This makes us giggle and laugh heartily.

We will always be proud of you our dear baby. We love you so much. We can’t wait to see you begin crawling and start talking. Grow up soon and stay healthy.

Hugs and kisses,

Mommy and Daddy


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