Joyful Two Months

My sweet baby Abby,

Thanks to the rain and the gloomy weather, you are sleeping peacefully right at this moment. You look so cute and all grown up (I am exaggerating of course but you are really a big baby).

You turned 2 months today. It’s seems only yesterday when you are still in my tummy. I am so thankful to God that you are healthy all this time.

My joy cannot be contained whenever you smile. While I am changing your nappy or after I bathe you, you smile gleefully as if to reward me for cleaning you. You smile sweetly as well whenever I pick you up from your bed. If I ask you to smile, you oblige too. Thank you baby for all those smiles and keep on smiling, okay?

What a joy – to hold you in my arms no matter how heavy you are, to hug you (and I am looking forward to the time when you can hug me back) and to kiss you. Do you know how much I kiss you in a day? A lot. And so does your dada.

What a joy – to hear the sounds that you make whenever I am talking to you or the way you call me when I am not paying attention. You always make my day.

May the good Lord continuously bless and keep you healthy. I love you baby.

Love and prayers,



9 thoughts on “Joyful Two Months

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