Half-Year Old

Dear Baby,

We are so happy you turned half-year old today. You looked so happy yourself when you woke up this morning. Actually, we’ve been counting since last week. We just couldn’t wait for today to arrive.

We even went to church yesterday instead of today just in case dada gets busy and can’t come home on time. We just want to thank God how blessed we are to have you and how grateful we are that you are healthy all these time. We also prayed that God will continually keep you healthy and safe.

You were well-behaved while at the church. Thank God you didn’t grunt as you usually do at home when you dislike something. You were contented looking around while sitting or standing up jumping on dada’s lap. You seemed to enjoy seeing other people which is a good thing because it means you are not shy or scared.

in front of the church

With regards to your grunting, neither I nor your Dada taught you that. However, Dada remembered that when you were still inside my tummy, I used to grunt when I get irritated. Dada thinks you inherited it from me. Although you sound funny, we kept on telling you not to grunt but to no avail. I am positive though that this will not be a permanent habit of yours.

Stay happy and healthy. Keep on learning new things such as talking properly and we hope to hear you say ‘mommy and daddy’ soon. We look forward to celebrating your 7 month. We love you baby. God bless you.

Happy 6 months Abby!


Mommy & Daddy


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