8 Month Abby

Dear baby,

It was around 3 hours, 45 minutes and 8 months ago when I first saw you. You were gorgeous even then. The joy that I am feeling is still the same from the day I first held you in my arms and it will be the same forever.

Time flew so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday when you were still so tiny and fragile. Now look at you, growing strong day by day and is acting like an adult at times such as when you cover your eyes with your arms while sleeping (but I always move your arms on your side). You also grunt like an adult. You love to eat oranges and won’t stay quiet once you see me eating one. Sometimes, I am worried that it might be too acidic for you but you don’t vomit nor have diarrhea so your Dada says I must let you eat some and that I shouldn’t be a chicken-hearted because you’re a strong baby. He says you got that from him – being strong and all other good things as if my genes are not good. Of course, we end up arguing…. and laughing.

The other things that you can do lately are crawling and sitting on your own. You can stand for few minutes as long as you are holding on to something. You can’t walk yet unless you’re on the walker. While on walker, you would follow me around.It’s not only your feet that are wandering these days but your hands are exploring as well – grabbing everything and anything your tiny hands can reach.

Your smile is as sweet and lovely as before. Your eyes are smiling sweetly too. You are so  easy to please, you would smile when you see me smile but what I love the most is that you would make me smile when I look serious and is frowning. You would stare at me as if trying to figure out what I am thinking and then smile sweetly at me as if you are telling me “C’mon Mom, frown not for life is beautiful. See, the sun is shining brightly! There is hope, God is in control. Give all your worries to him!” Then I usually end up hugging you. Well, I am not certain that’s what you’re thinking but that’s how I interpret it.

Anyways, mommy is just here to say happy 8 month darling daughter!!!  I love you and so does Dada. Stay strong, happy, and healthy. God bless you.

Hugs and kisses,



15 thoughts on “8 Month Abby

  1. YEs time really does fly by…enjoy every minute.They change so fast.Its so hard to remember Sami now as a little baby/ toddler..he is approaching 4 and so grown up!!! Abby is delightful, she is changing so much. Better get those “safe plugs” ready for the wall sockets… once she’s mastered the art of moving that walker around fast …watch out LOL


  2. I’m guessing that the kids of the future will have virtual keepsakes aswell as physical ones. My daughter is 22 and still loves to look through her box of memories that we and then she collected through her life. This is a beautiful post, and what a beautiful child! 🙂


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