Cee’s Which Way Challenge – No.16

Thank God it’s Friday again! Hubby is off which means happy time for the family especially for Abby. She follows her daddy like a shadow. She is such a daddy’s girl.

Though the weather is cold, Abby and I (we don’t know yet if Addy loves going out or not) are still excited and happy to go out. Whenever we go out to shop for grocery or something else, we always pass by at the beach because Abby loves to see the lovely blue water. Almost every day, she says “Daddy, I want to see the water!” Hence, it is a must to pass by at the beach. And yes, she simply say water.

Anyways, here are the ‘which way’ photos that I’ve taken at the seaside park today. Hope you will like them.



alkoutcarpark.jpgCheck out Cee’s blog to see more which way photos.

Have a happy day!

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