Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Black & White Photos




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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Nature Animals

pigeons in the city

pigeons in the city


tortoise having a walk

boar having a bath

boar having a bath

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

Abby woke up early today. She was in a good mood, and told her dad ‘I want to see the animals daddy!’. Her dad had no plans of going further than the nearby park where we usually go but since Abby seemed excited to see the animals, he can’t simply refuse her little darling’s request.

So before he changes his mind, both girls were ready in no time and so was I.

We went to Kuwait Zoo. Thank God, the weather was nice and it was not crowded. It was a perfect timing on a lovely day.

We saw lots of animals inside the zoo. Here are some of them.

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Sunday Post : Nature

These photos were taken at Pilikula Nature Reserve, Mangalore, India last year. Pilikula means “Tiger’s Water Hole” in local Tulu language. “You may ask where are the tigers?” Please see below.

There he is! Resting under the shade of trees..

Here’s another one snoozing comfortably..

There are lions as well..

And elephants too..

There are also different breed of snakes, crocodiles, birds, etc. but I posted a lot already so perhaps I’ll post a part two. We’ll see.

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