Daily Prompt – Fly on the Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at anytime in history, where and when would you choose?

fly on the wall 2

fly on the wall 2 (Photo credit: shyb)

If I could be a “fly on the wall”, I would like to be around the time when my mother was giving birth to me so that I will see how my father reacted. Was he with her or not? If he wasn’t where was he, what was he doing? And if he was, did he held my mother’s hand and whispered comforting words to her? Did he rejoice when he saw me? Did he hold me? Did he talk to me? Did he say “I love you” to me?

You see, I didn’t have the chance to meet him. I didn’t have the chance to hear his voice, to hug him or play with him because he passed away when I was only 8 months old, too young to remember a thing.

So if I could be a “fly on the wall”, this is where I would want to be – to be with my father even just for a while, even if he doesn’t realize my presence.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Near And Far

I love taking photos. I always make sure that my cam is in my bag before going out. I take photos of anything I find beautiful such as this tree. I shot this while I am inside a running car and I’m glad it came out alright. So now I have an entry to the ‘near and far‘ challenge.

Here’s another one. Both photos above were taken at Fahaheel, Kuwait.

I’m also including this photo I took during my last vacation in the Philippines. The mountain look so near but it is actually far.

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Sunday Post – Morning

My hubby and I usually go to a seaside park to have our morning walk and to watch the sunrise, hence most of my posts features the beach or sunrise and so for a change, I am posting photos of a park we visited one morning.

Also for a change, there is no Date tree around this park.

I like this park, it’s neat and lovely.

Where are the kids? Though Abby can’t play with them yet, I just want her to see other kids but they are not in sight. I guess they are still sleeping.

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