One Year Old Addy

Dear Addy,


You came into our lives unexpectedly,

But we welcomed you joyfully,

For we know that you are a gift from above,

A precious blessing whom we’ll always treasure.

Addy @ 19 days

Addy @ 19 days

It’s true we wanted a boy to be our second child,

But when we found out you’re a girl,

We didn’t complain or ask God why,

Instead we prayed, ‘Please Lord make her healthy.’


You grew up so fast – not just healthy and smart,

But oh you’re such a beauty,

Especially when you smile sweetly,

And now you’re one year old already.


Addy @ one year

Addy @ one year

Where did the time go?

It feels like only yesterday,

When I was struggling to wake up,

Almost every hour to nurse you at night.


Afterwards, taking care of you was easy,

Because you were a calm baby,

You only cry when hungry,

I guess you knew, mommy is too busy.


Now that you’re walking,

So curious about everything,

You’re already climbing,

Which makes my heart racing.


You might think I will always catch you,

Which of course is true but,

You must make sure my eyes are on you,

Before climbing whatever you want to.


Okay then before you wake up,

I should finish this up,

OrΒ  it will end up again in my draft,

Happy one year old Addy! (belated)


I love you more than I can say,

Stay sweet, strong, and healthy,

Keep up you’re good appetite,

And even you’re curiosity.


Hugs and kisses,



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