Addy at 10 Month

Dear Addy,

Hello little one!

You were amazing the other day. I was helping you get up and stand as usual when I tried to let go of your hand and voila! You were standing on your own for approximately two minutes. Daddy wasn’t looking so I made you do it again to show him and you didn’t disappoint us. You actually amazed us when you moved towards him and walked two steps. Good job Addy!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture that precious moment as my cam or phone was not within my reach and I have to stay with you to make sure that I can catch you if you fall. Well, there is always next time for that and this letter will remind us of your first time standing alone.

At 10 month old, you already understand some words and what you are supposed to do when I tell you those words:

  • Clap your hands – you’ve been doing this since you were 3 month old ( if I remember it correctly) it’s just that now, I can ask you to do it whenever.
  • Scream – since you love to scream, I made sure you know what it’s called.
  • Tongue out – when you are crying or fussy during nappy change, I would distract you by asking you to do this and you would oblige amidst your tears.

    Tongue out, Addy!

    Tongue out, Addy!

  • Flying kiss – you make the sound of the kiss perfectly and in rapid succession but you tend to forget that your fingers are supposed to help the kiss fly.
  • Bye  – you would wave so happily that sometimes you would do it with both hands.
  • Pray – you learned this through your sister who would say ‘pray, pray mommy’ while folding her hands together before having our meal.

There are more words that I’m sure you already understand but have no action to it so I just listed those words that you act so cutely and cleverly.

I love watermelon!

I love watermelon!

With regards to eating, you have a great appetite. You eat everything! (including the things that are not edible). I have to keep my eyes wide open like an owl to make sure you are not chewing something that you are not supposed to.

During meal sometimes, you don’t want me feeding you because you want to do it yourself. You want to hold the food and be the one to put it in your mouth like the photo above. Want to be independent so soon, huh?

Anyway, keep growing strong, healthy and smart. Bye for now. I’ll write again soon.





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