Addy @ 7months

Dearest Addy,

Hello little one! How are you today?

Addy7moAs you may have noticed from my earlier letters to you, I always tell you about your progress. Guess what you did this time? Lately, you don’t just move in circles anymore when you’re lying down. You can now move forward! I’m so proud of you. Daddy and I encourages you to keep moving and so does your ate Abby. She imitates what we do and say. It’s funny when she say ‘Addy, little more little more’ but she keeps moving the toy that daddy puts in front of you.

You and ate Abby are having fun every day. You love to watch her and she adores you. She makes you laugh most of the time. How? She simply runs towards you while laughing and you would burst in laughter too. Sometimes, she jumps and that would make you laugh too. Other times, she fans you with a cloth or paper and that’s enough for you to laugh. Whatever she does seem funny to you.

abbyaddy.jpgThough there are times when she makes you cry, that’s easily forgotten as soon as you see her laughing. All is well again. You can’t help but laugh with her and it doesn’t seem like you cried just a second ago, making me laugh as well.

Recently, you started saying ‘pa pa pa’. One time as I was talking to a friend on the phone, I mentioned about it and upon hearing me say it, you immediately say it too. That was really great because you proved to her that you can actually say those words… or syllables.

Aside from that, you like to scream whenever you feel like doing it. You would start by saying something which I can’t understand then you would scream or sometimes you just scream without any warning. You used to cry when your ate Abby screams but now you’re screaming like her. I guess you thought ‘if I can’t beat her, I’ll join her’ eh?

Oh have I told you that you and your daddy have a dancing routine? You like it very much. You would smile, laugh and open your mouth wide because you’re too happy when daddy dances with you. So cute to watch you two dance like crazy.

I hope that someday when you read all my letters to you, you would appreciate it.

Okay little one, time to say bye for now. Stay as happy and healthy as you are. I love you. We love you baby! A happy and blessed 7th month to you!!!

Hugs and kisses,


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