While we were on our way to the fish market yesterday, we witnessed a Cormorant doing what it knows best – catching fish and feasting on its hard caught prize. It looked amazing how the bird dived into the water and then after a minute or so, surfaced with an over-sized fish in its beak, struggled trying to re-align it and swallowed it headfirst & whole.

Abby had fun watching it, so did her daddy and I. Addy was sleeping at that time. If she was awake, would she enjoy it too? Not sure about that. She’s only 6 months after all.


Cormorant eating live fish

When the bird dived in the water for the 5th time, we didn’t see it resurfaced again. Not at the same spot where we were watching it.


then there were two


then there were three

Apparently, it went to the other side where its fellow Cormorants were. Oh how I envy them! Not for eating the live fish but for being good divers/swimmers.


Thank you for your visit. Have a happy Sunday!

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