Addy @ 4 Months

Dear Addy,

Hi baby! Guess what’s new to you this month? Well, you must read on to find out…

Two weeks ago when I first noticed something in the middle of your lower gum while you were smiling cutely at me (and your mouth was wide open!). It was a tooth! You were not even cranky before that as it was the case of your sister. Thank God you didn’t have a fever either. Anyway, I was happy and so was daddy.

It was just last month when you started rolling over and lately, we noticed that you don’t simply roll over but sometimes, you look like you want to stand up already. It’s funny when you try to lift your body because you can only lift your bottom yet you lift it so high that I get scared you might get hurt when you fall. I wish I could record it on cam when you do it but every time I try, you are already done before I can click a photo. I know I should keep the camera nearby but your sister will play with it so I always keep it hidden somewhere.

Also, this month we got your ears pierced. You look girly now which of course I love while your daddy was just so – so about it. Yeah, your daddy wants you and your sis not to look too girly but he knows that we must pierce your ears earlier than when we did Abby’s. You can say we learned a lesson when we got your ate Abby’s ear pierced at a later age than you were.

I love my earrings!

I love my earrings!

Alright baby, that’s it for this month. Stay healthy, strong and pretty as you are. I’ll write to you again next month. Hopefully. Keep on smiling!




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