Daily Prompt – Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to
you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she
tell you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HANDS.

Chiromency (Palmistry)

Chiromency (Palmistry) (Photo credit: shellgreenier)

If a palm reader insists to read my palm, I will agree but I will tell her (yes, she must be a woman) that I only want to hear good/positive things and if she sees only bad things, I would rather not hear it.

Okay, so I guess the palm reader will tell me the following:

– You are married.

– You have kids.

– You are hardworking and strong.

– You will travel overseas from time to time.

– You are healthy.

– I can’t tell you how long you will live but I can see that you enjoy your life and having your family around specially your kids are enough to make you happy.


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