Share Your World 2013 – Week 26

Here are the questions and my answers for this week’s SYW :

Are you left or right handed?  I wish I am  both left and right handed but  I am only right handed.

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? It depends who I’m calling. If I’m calling a family member or a friend then I don’t rehearse at all but if I’m calling to inquire about something in a certain company then I rehearse.

Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter? I prefer Smooth Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefore hold peaks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many rings before you answer the phone? I usually answer my phone as soon as I hear it ringing.

Check out Cee’s Blog to see her answers and the other participants.

Thank you for  your visit. Have a wonderful day!


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