Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

Last December, Abby and I went on vacation to my home country for almost one month. To escape from feeling lonely, my hubby planted tomatoes and chillies though he’s not sure if these plants will survive in an indoor environment since we live in a flat. tomatochillies.jpg

Imagine how glad he was to see these plants grow…

notyetripe.jpgAnd he was so proud when the tomato had fruits…ripetomatoes.jpgEven Abby loved the tomatoes and she call them ‘mato’…

So that’s how my hubby escaped from loneliness and from missing his little girl. These plants were like his babies, caring for them every day while we were away somehow made him happy.

How about you, how do you escape from being lonely if your family is away?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

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