Share Your World – Week 29

Here are the questions and my answers for this week :

  1. What sound or sounds do you love?  The sound I love these days is the sound from my little one  –  her laughter, giggles, scream, her way of talking/repetitive syllables, etc.
  2. If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be? I would like to be a bamboo plant, not only because I find it beautiful as a plant but also because beautiful furnitures can be made out of it.
  3. What is your favorite recipe that was passed down from your mother or grandmother?  Have you mastered it as well as the original? My mother can cook well but I wasn’t interested in cooking during my  younger years so my answer is none but it’s not yet too late because I am planning to learn some recipe from her when I go home sometime this year. Me and my siblings love her ‘ Pancit Cabagan’  and ‘Aroz Caldo’ recipe.
    pancit cabagan

    pancit cabagan (Photo credit: Constantine Agustin)


  4. What is your favorite genre for novels, and why? I am a hopeless romantic so I love reading love stories and family drama. I like Danielle Steel’s novels.

Want to join the fun? Check out Cee’s Life Photography Blog to see the details on how to join and to see her answers and the other participants as well. Thanks Cee!


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