Perhaps God has other plans…

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19 : 21

Our neighbor had plans of bringing his family to Kuwait from India. Having stayed alone here all these years, he finally had plans of bringing his wife and son so that they can be together. He even had planned of enrolling his son in a school here and had almost arranged for his transfer certificate from his school in India. But at the last moment, after all his efforts, time, and money he had spent in preparing for his family’s arrival – a problem occurred and he had to cancel his plans.

Initially, he was sad and disappointed. When I asked him about it few days after, he said “…perhaps God has other plans.” It’s inspiring to hear that despite his disappointments, he still has a positive outlook about it and he believes that God has a better plan. Then I was reminded of the verse above. We may have many plans but ultimately it’s up to God.


16 thoughts on “Perhaps God has other plans…

  1. Your neighbor is wise and a man of faith. Our likely reaction to an event that doe not happen is to feel bad and ask “why?” but if look deeper, there’s always a reason for everything , and like your friend, I would like to believe that God has it’s reasons and they are for the best. We should remember always his words, “believe…” Thanks.


  2. Thank for sharing this one… That phrase has been on my lips of late as I experience one disappointment after another… Yes, I write a motivational, positive blog but life is life for us all with ups and downs. So like your neighbor, I say… maybe God has other plans. TY dear one! πŸ˜‰


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