Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer

When I was younger and a student, I love it when summer comes because it means vacation and fun. To some, summer means going to the beach like the photo above which I took today. But guess what’s the temperature? 40 degree Celsius! Nope, I didn’t come here for a walk. IĀ  can tolerate for few minutes but not for long. We just came to enjoy the sight of the beach while sitting inside the car.

With such temperature, the shade of a shed….

or a tree is of no help. However, if you noticed (1st photo) some people are still enjoying a walk while the people at the right side are actually playing volley ball. Some other guys are also playing cricket. Don’t be shocked because today’s temperature is not that bad yet. Sooner or later it can rise to 50 degree or worst above 50 degree Celsius. Thank God, there is AC and electricity is cheap here.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy summer wherever you are and whatever the temperature is. Have a wonderful one!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer

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