Share You World – Week 14

Whew! Time flies real fast. It’s time for share your world once again.

Thank you very much Cee for creating wonderful and fun questions weekly.

If you would like to join us, please visit her blog at Cee’s Life Photography Blog.

The questions and my answers for this week are:

  1. Who was your favorite Teacher – what grade and why?
    I liked most of my teachers. They were all very kind and nice. Hmmmn, let me think…Okay, one of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Lagadi, she was our Technology and Home Economics (T.H.E.) teacher during 5th grade. She taught us many things but one thing I’ll never forget was that she taught us how to sew and how to use the sewing machine. I loved sewing since then.

    English: Woman sewing on old treadle machine

    Image via Wikipedia

    My other favorite teacher was Mr.Estrada, he was our class adviser from 2nd – 4th year in High School. He was strict but funny at the same time. He treated us like his own kids and we all loved him for that.

  2. What do you like most about your home?
    My family (hub and baby) – they are the ones I like most about our home. I am happy with our flat because they are with me, without them even if I am staying in a palace I won’t be happy.
  3. If you were forced to change the name of your blog what would you change it to?
    My Journey to Mommyhood
  4. If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?
    Either Mandy Moore (she’s younger than me though) or Reese Witherspoon ( I love her in the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’)

To see the answers of the other participants including Cee, please click here.

9 thoughts on “Share You World – Week 14

  1. Actually my header is my own photo taken at sunset at the Port of Gold Beach, Oregon. September, 2010.
    . I have a series of the sun setting on the ocean and the sky horizon. I thought I was getting so good with camera’s setting being able to catch the sun setting on the water. I loved the way it looks like the sun is dipping into the oceans water.
    I thought you had captured the same. Someone did, I wonder where it is.

    I’ve been thinking of posting the whole set, it’s actually a set of photos each shoing the sun setting further and further,
    I love that we both apparently having an affinity for the ocean.


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  3. I just saw Mandy Moore on The Chew! What a sweetie, and funny!

    I just realized though being here before that our photos for our headers are almost exactly alike. Too cool! You’ll have to look. Keep both tabs open so you can compare. Your lighting is so much more pretty. Great minds think alike!!


      • Is that not a hoot? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me first, or that my new laptop was getting quite confused between your blog & mine. I’m serious girl, It took me a few minutes to realize our photos were so very similiar. Not in a another lifetime would that happen. Just too cool!


      • Yes, too cool indeed. Actually, I just changed my header recently, theme Twenty Ten has these beautiful headers and I love this one. I’m glad you loved it too 🙂


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