My Second Home

Today is the National Day and tomorrow will be the Liberation Day of Kuwait. Hence, seeing the Kuwait Flag hanging in some houses like the photo below is not unusual.

Kuwait Flag hanging in a house

I’m sure all Kuwaiti’s are celebrating and so are we but we don’t usually go out during holidays because of the traffic. We celebrate by staying at home and spend time watching a movie or something.

I’ve lived in Kuwait for sometime now and this place is like my second home. Although I miss my family back home, I would rather divert my attention and think of the benefits that I get to enjoy here such as not having to pay tax, cheap gasoline, free medical, and air conditioning among other things.

Furthermore, it is here where I met and fell in love with a great guy who is now my husband. It is here where I gave birth to Abby. Therefore, this place will always have a special part in my heart.

I know that someday we have to leave and say goodbye to this place. Hence, I try to enjoy and make the most of my time whilst here.

English: Kuwait City
Image via Wikipedia

Thank you Kuwait for all the good and bad times. Thank you for being my second home. Thank you for introducing me to all the wonderful people who I’ve met and will still be meeting. Thank you for everything.

Cheers to Kuwait! Happy National and Liberation Day!

12 thoughts on “My Second Home

  1. Happy National and Liberation Day to you and your family. I would not have known about this without reading your blog.
    Hopefully you will visit the US soon…no free taxes here or any of the rest…however, like you we have to look at all the positives things about our country as well.


  2. All these times, I thought you’re in the US…

    Anyways, Cheers and Happy National and Liberation Day to Kuwait! I love it how your life there turned out to be – meeting your husband, building a family, etc… Some of my friends are in the Middle East as well.

    Great way to divert your nostalgia. There is always a power in positive thinking.

    Stay safe, God bless and enjoy your second home, like always! πŸ™‚


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