Stop, Look and Enjoy

Yesterday we went to shop as usual and found these amazing creatures in front of the mall. Odd isn’t it? What are they doing out here?

Actually, I only noticed them on our way out and I almost missed taking a photo of them as my hubby is in a hurry. Thankfully he agreed to let me take a photo although we are already on the other side of the road. He said it’s not everyday that we get to see a camel up close and personal so I went back and took some photos even if I was a little shy.

However the camels are also camera-shy and wouldn’t look at me so I left and let them be. I just said ‘Okay bye now lovely camels, have a nice day!’ (of course it was just my nose who heard what my lips had uttered). It may look as if no one is around but there are plenty of them walking behind me.

Here’s another interesting sight right before the hypermarket entrance. Kuwait will celebrate it’s national and liberation day soon, that’s why they beautifully arranged this Kuwaiti flag out of fruits and veggies. At first, I was a bit hesitant to take pictures but when I saw a couple taking photos of their child in front of the flag, I was encouraged to do the same.Β  I told myselfΒ  “so what if some people are staring, go on. Just do it”. Yes, you are right I do talk to myself sometimes. I am not insane mind you, talking to myself actually keeps me sane.

They also built Kuwait Towers out of Styrofoam (I guess). Cute, aren’t they?

I hope you will enjoy reading and looking at these pics.

Take some time to look at your surroundings and appreciate what you see. There is always a beauty in sight. – imexcited


11 thoughts on “Stop, Look and Enjoy

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  2. Interesting post and the camels are so cute. Thank you for taking photos and I like the fact you spoke with them. I think they probably understood.
    i talk to myself….As Gabby said…”Doesn’t everybody?”
    Nicely done.


  3. What wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them! πŸ™‚ Those camels were really quite camera shy, how sweet of you wishing them a nice day! I got a smile about you talking to yourself, I do the same thing…Doesn’t everybody? πŸ™‚ If not, they should because I agree with you, it keeps us sane.Very nice and interesting post! πŸ™‚


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