Bonding Moment

There’s a saying that goes, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and I think it’s true. My hubby is so happy when I cook something for him. I, on the other hand is so delighted when he eats whatever food I prepared and always say “perfect” whenever I asked him about the taste.

However, I am more delighted whenever we cook together just like yesterday. Whilst cooking, we had a good laugh and a good time despite all the rushing. (as you all know we have a  baby to take care of  but thankfully she was sleeping peacefully at that time)

Cooking together is one of our bonding moment as a couple. A moment that we both certainly enjoy. A moment we will treasure and remember in our golden days. Hopefully.

Anyway, I am supposed to blog here about the recipe of what we cooked but it will take time to type all the ingredients and steps of cooking it (unless someone will ask me to) so I will just show you the food that we cooked.

Guess what it is…

My favorite chicken biryani. (Sorry but the chicken is hiding beneath the rice)

I also prepared salad with yoghurt.

Eating together is also one of our bonding moment. Although nowadays, we can hardly finish our meal together because Abby usually seeks our attention when we are at the middle of our meal. That’s okay though because she will be joining us at the table very soon.


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