Happy One Month

Mr. Baker says “Life is sweet” and I agree.

Our life is sweet because of you and last night, we celebrated your one month birthday. Nothing grand, we just bought a chocolate cake and ate it around 9pm (same time when you were born).

You have grown fast. Your white dress is now too short on you and you have worn that just once (that time it looked oversize on you). What’s funny is that the dress you wore yesterday is supposed to be for a 3-6 months old baby. Can you imagine how tall you are going to be someday?

Another funny thing about you is that when you are sleeping, you make some strange noises. You yawn and grunt like a grown up person. You do this almost every hour after midnight till morning.

Anyhow, we are so happy watching you grow and progress into a pretty, smart kid (or like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly). Dada can hardly wait to see you crawl, walk and talk. He wants to teach you about Linux, Ubuntu etc. as soon as possible. He even fondly calls you Abbynux. What do you say about that?

Since it’s your special day, let me tell you again that we love you so very much. We wish you all the best in life and may God keep you healthy always.

Happy one month baby!





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