Me – Time

The other day, my sister reminded me that although I am now a busy mother, I should not forget myself and must make an effort to look good. Apparently, I look “losyang” in my recent pictures. Of course, I contradicted her opinion and put the blame somewhere else.

Deep inside of me, I know my sister was right. I was just too proud to admit it but now I must say ” you are right my dear sister”. I know you meant well. Thank you.

So from today, I will make it a point to look good not that I will start wearing make up at home but to spare sometime for myself. Such as time to fix my hair and so on. Aside from physically looking good, I must also spend time to do my hobbies such as reading, blogging, sewing (not necessarily doing all these in one day) so that I will not be burned-out in being a stay at home mom and a housewife. In short, I should have a “me time” to keep me sane.

In fairness to my hubby, he helps me with some household chores and in taking care of Abby. He doesn’t stop me in doing my hobbies as well. Thanks hubby.


3 thoughts on “Me – Time

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