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When I was still single (not long time ago), shopping used to be my favorite pastime. I’m always on the look out for “sale”. I love shopping whenever there are discount offers, who doesn’t? Unless of course, you are rich and you don’t know what to do with all your money. Lucky you.

Anyways, my point is that since I became a wife and soon to be mom. My pastime have changed. My priorities changed. I still love shopping during sale season but not to buy things for myself anymore. I would rather buy things for my baby and essential items for our daily necessities at home rather than randomly buying things just because I like it.

Although my husband tells me to buy whatever I like whenever we go shopping, I don’t just buy without thinking first if I really need it. Before, I used to buy things mostly because I want it not because I really need it. I am happy to say that I am becoming a mature person now. Is this because I am going to become a mom soon? Oh motherhood here I come…

Now that I blog about these things, I have to watch out not to mess up but if ever I will then I have to keep on trying my best to be a wise spender and be a good house manager.Right?


2 thoughts on “House Manager

  1. Yes priorities definitely change when baby comes along, there’s very little idle spending for parents anymore, as you well said it is i really need that? But that’s ok, it’s part of life, as you said maturing and wanting different things now you are having a family.Everything is more or less spent on new arrival & it only gets more costly later. Think ahead, when she is old enough to start nursery. If you are still here in Kuwait the costs of a good nursery/ KG /reception are very expensive indeed, so spend wisely as you only want the very best for your kids :o)

    BTW, thanks for your e-card.


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